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Jean Marie DiGiovanna
Principal - Director of Professional Development
Graduate of Northeastern University (BS). Jean began her career as a Management Consultant at Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP - Now, Novell) focusing on Human Resource Development, Management and Project Team Effectiveness, Operations Management and Strategic Planning. She served as the Business Operations Manager for CTP's Nordic Region of Europe collaborating with Operations, Sales and Human Resources. In this role, she assimilated employees into the culture, improved quality of sales and delivery and increased team leadership and communication. Prior to her Europe-based work, Jean initiated a directive throughout CTP worldwide to address cultural change, team effectiveness and rapid employee integration. Jean brings unique expertise as a Professional Facilitator, Executive Coach and Team Specialist to executives and their teams during Turnaround and Revitalization phases. Jean has had success in the Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, High Tech and Insurance industries, advising executives and their teams on achieving lasting change. After working with Jean, leaders and their teams experience renewed trust, more open communication and increased effectiveness, enabling them to transform challenges into immediate bottom line results.

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